Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

At the core of any slimming plan I design for any of my clients are seven essential steps—each the result of cutting-edge research, put into practice in real lives. They’ll work for you too! Read more

Rules for Staying Hydrated

Nutrients don’t only come in the form of food; water is the most important, and often most forgotten, nutrient. You can last for some time without food, but only days without water. Read more

Few Way’s to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

When people are obsessed over a problem, they may be discouraged by the lack of progress and by the fact that they have repeatedly failed to achieve their goals. Read more

8 Ways to Beat Belly Bloat

Can’t squeeze into your skinny jeans no matter how much you suck in your stomach? You’re not alone. Up to 25 percent of healthy adults experience regular bloating, according to a 2012 study published in ISRN Gastroenterology. The reason: Bloating … Read more

Where to Start If You Have More Than 4 Kilos To Lose

Losing 4 or more kilos is a daunting proposition. This type of weight loss isn’t just about changing a diet, It’s about changing mindset, changing behaviors, and changing your environment, too. They all go together. Sounds intimidating, right? But trust … Read more

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